the odd one (vomitingkermit9) wrote in dynamicons,
the odd one

Link Post. Icons.

I know it seems stupid to post a link to a personal journal when the icon journal was made specifically for that purpose, but I'm posting the links to my old entries anyway.  If I posted all of the tables of icons here in one entry, it would be too large to even post. If I divided them up, there would be too many entries displaying old techniques that don't properly show the quality of products of this community.

29 CSI
Conan In Chicago
48 CSI
from episodes 1x01, 3x23, 4x05, and 5x09.
30 Conan
24 Conan (hair theme)
50 Manhunter, 23 CSI (episode 4x07)
28 Conan
68 Multi:
Colin Meloy, That Thing You Do!, Conan, CSI (4x07, 6x22)
75 Multi:
Alton Brown, The Squid and the Whale, The Graduate, Bob Dylan, Colin Meloy/The Decemberists
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